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Familiar yet Strange
According to statistics, Hongkongers top the world by walking 7000 steps a day on average. But while we lead a hectic life and walk hastily day in day out, how many interesting people and stories have actually passed by without us noticing? In fact, every single day can be a voyage of discovery.

Starting from their school and the places they are familiar with, our students learn to make observations on a daily basis. Then, they go to places they have a vague idea of but don't know well enough to capture interesting people and stories on the streets. The ideas are eventually developed into a unique personal series with writings and images.
School Info:
Artist Educator: Brandon Chan
School: Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School
School Teacher: Kwan Wing Shuet
Student: Yiu Chung Hei, Chen ZiLin, Ng Wai Yin, Sum Tsz Yi, Chan Tsz Ni, Huang Chiu Yuen, Wong Sze Kit, Yang Yu Si, Chen Cheng Hong