Through Our Eyes Photography
Education Programme
School Workshop
Food. Family. Photography
Food has always been part of our lives. In a metropolitan city like Hong Kong, cuisines from around the world are literally on our doorstep. But have we ever tried to eat mindfully or understand what we are eating? As teenagers, how do our students get along with their family? By means of food, the course tutor gives her students an opportunity to study their family background and culture.

This course explores the connection between self, family and food. Students learn to create their own photographic work with food and by staging a scene, through which they understand more about their family. The course is divided into two parts. In the first part, students experiment with staged food photography. They learn basic camera skills as well as food photography, lighting, portrait techniques and how to create mood in their photographs. Not only can they learn and practise photography skills, but also enjoy the process of observing, feeling, deconstructing and reconstructing food.

In the second part, students create their own series using photography as the main medium. They will set up an exhibition in their school, using specific environments to enhance or stand out their work. The exhibits will be scattered over the campus, for example on the stairs, in a corridor, or inside a lift, bathrooms, the library, the tuck shop or the school hall. Students are free to pick their own exhibition spot to learn about the interaction between their work and the surrounding environment. Some students have chosen to work on larger scale works, with which they have the opportunity to make a bold statement. They also learn to pay attention to details and make precise measurements.
School Info:
Artist Educator: Doreen Chan
School: The Church Of Christ In China Kei To Secondary School
School Teacher: Chow Hang Yi, Chan Wing Man
Student: Law Chung Yin, So Ho Yin, Wong Ho Man, Ng Ming Wai, Fok Wai Chi, Sun Ka Sheung, Lee Yee Ki, Choi Chun Tak, Yip Ka Yeung, Lun Pui Ki, Ou Mei Yi, Theo Wong Wai Ho, Chan Hoi Lam
余靖彤 - 天主教母佑會蕭明中學
我希望透過作品讓觀者重拾對影像抱有的好奇和猶豫之心,所以 我在書內加入類似哈哈鏡效果的鏡面,現實景物的照片在鏡內會 變得扭曲,就如一個現實以外的想像世界,可以讓讀者回想當初, 反思現在,透過翻動鏡子尋回對每事每物都充滿幻想的感覺。