Through Our Eyes Photography
Education Programme
School Workshop
A Colourful Journey
Using colours as the starting point, students are encouraged to develop an artistic sense and discover the colours of daily life, in turn exploring the possibility to transform images through the use of colours, spaces and objects. The goal of this course is to consolidate students' basic photography skills and let them enjoy the creative process. They are encouraged to freely apply the skills they have learned and explore the themes that truly interest them to ensure artistic freedom. The experience will also change their preconceptions about photography as merely learning how to operate a camera or pressing a button on their mobile phones. The course aims to inspire students to experience life as art and help them develop a more relaxed attitude while creating art.
School Info:
Artist Educator: Peggy Chan
School: Hong Kong And Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School
School Teacher: Yim Ka Mei
Student: Lai Ka Yan, Li Lok Yan, Cheung Yee, Cheng Tsz Shun, Deng Minghui, Huang Yujuan, Chan Tik, Leung Kit, Chow Ka Ying, Tang Cheung Ying