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2nd Mobile Library-Photography Workshop
Since 2016, the TOE Mobile Library has been touring across Hong Kong, showing secondary schools handmade photo books in multifarious styles. Through images and books, we hope to connect people from different areas and different backgrounds. In order to let our readers experience the joy of creating images, we have prepared around ten hours of photography workshops to each of the schools that shows support to our Mobile Library. Workshop themes include making upcycled cameras with waste objects, DIY film cameras and flip book machine. Through photography exercises, the participants will document scenes from their daily life or a journey to widen their imagination in visual art.

Apart from organising workshops, the works shown at our Mobile Library offer students a new reading experience. They are created by our former TOE students. With the support and guidance of Artist Educators, they have had a comprehensive experience in creating artwork. They transformed their daily experiences into images, then produced their own books from those images. From selecting photographs to printing, they learned more about themselves by revisiting and observing the images they took. Our bespoke mobile bookcase proudly presents to readers the creations of TOE participants: the innovative book designs give rise to diverse ways of reading, so that we can all enjoy a unique reading experience beyond printed texts.