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Filming with Your Phone: Narrative Techniques and Language of the Moving Image
In the era of smartphones, it seems easier and easier to make videos and share them to public. We are constantly surrounded by an overwhelming amount of visual fragments. And in the age of information overload, everybody is looking for fancy effects and instant stimulation. Who would still have the patience to slow down and take their time to tell a story?

Learning filmmaking allows students to visually address the topics they are interested in. From writing a script to using the camera to tell a story, it is a lengthy intellectual process, but the filmmaker also has the freedom to narrate a story in various ways.

This course makes use of mobile phones as the main device and method for learning basic theories and post-production techniques. At the end of the course, students will create a short film with a running time of ten minutes or less. As an exercise, students will imitate or reshoot certain movie scenes. The tutor will explain how narrative techniques (linear and nonlinear) and the language of film (different kinds of shots, mise-en-scene, editing, etc.) affect the outcome. After the course, it is hoped that students will have a basic concept of film production and consider studying film, creative media or related subjects later on.
School Info:
Artist Educator: Ellis Yip
School: Church of Christ in China Mong Man Wai College
School Teacher: Lau Lai Mei
Student: Ruan Liyi, Wong Ho Ying, Chong Cheuk Ying, Hung Tsz Wai , Jeffrey, Hung Tsz Hin, Juston, Chung Lai Him, Lam Kin Ngai, Jabez, Tsoi Chik Lam, Cheung Chak Ho, Lee Ka Yi, Lau Nok Hang, Jason, Lau Ho Yin, Chu Tsz Yan