Through Our Eyes Photography
Education Programme
School Workshop
What Is It?
Imagine there is a picture: a horizontal line appears at the bottom; you draw a square above the line, and a triangle on top of the square; and then you add a circle at the top right corner of the picture – this used to be the course tutor's idea of a sun and a house when he was small. Using a bit of imagination, the simple, abstract geometric shapes were transformed into something else.

The first part of the course targets at strengthening students' analytical skills and abstract thinking. They are guided through a deconstruction process of daily life objects, analysing their functions, symbols, shapes, materials and colours so as to deconstruct students' preconceived ideas about things. In the course of “dissecting” a thing, students are able to develop a more vivid imagination by making careful observations and understanding more about the object. During photography practices, students also learn to look at things differently through various compositions, angles, etc.

The second part of the course is about the comprehension strategy of self-questioning. Apart from understanding the physical qualities of things, students are guided through the thought process about the relationship between a thing and its location, its connection with a certain student and others. In this part, students study the same object from brand new perspectives such as its functions, its relations to other things or the shift of meanings according to different situations.

In the last part, students work on their own photo series under the guidance of the course tutor as a way to express their imaginations, eventually learning more about themselves and their surroundings.
School Info:
Artist Educator: Li Hiuwa
School: Helen Liang Memorial Secondary School (Shatin)
School Teacher:
Yuen Yuen Ho
Student: Chiu Wai Ping, He Lok Wing, Man Ka Hei, Wang Kam Tung, Kwan Hoi Ching, Lam Lok Pui, Wong Hoi Wai, Kan Tsz Shing, Wong Chin Lok, Law Tsz Ying Jodoca, Leung Yui Lam, Yiu Hei Man