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TOE Annual Exhibition – In‐between Photography Exhibition

The word “gradual” stresses on flowing, shifting, progression and disappearance. Like the open quotation mark, it puts into brackets a contained time and space dimension, allowing people to express their memories and emotions. The concept of “gradual” is also linked to the fundamentals of photography, and it became the theme of this year’s photography education programme.

Located in Kowloon East, kaitak is a colonial era building hidden behind Kwun Tong Road that has witnessed the changes of the community over decades. We started our journey in Kowloon East and used images to record and preserve the rapidly changing appearance of the community; and we tried to observe and capture the gradual disappearance and the reappearance of various traces around the ticking clock.

The Artist Educators of TOE have taught at ten secondary schools in Kowloon East. Apart from teaching photography techniques, they also inspired students to explore unusual perspectives out of the ordinary through lively and innovative exercises. The interactive teaching approach motivated both educators and students, and eventually gave rise to this exhibition. The exhibition showcased the fruitful results of community projects under TOE and featured more than 100 photographs exploring the versatility of photography - as an art medium, a documentation of society, an education tool, a therapeutic process, a mirror to oneself, as well as a window to the world.