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Folding / Unfolding: Mobile Photography Exhibition

Identifying students’ inner voice is no easy task. Grown-ups are accustomed to imposing their ways on the youth, or “teaching” them without deviating from their predetermined mindset. What we would like to focus on is to help students express their original intention, to give a voice to what they would have said and what they have really felt. Folding / Unfolding Mobile Photography Exhibition was about folding and unfolding knowledge, emotions, thoughts and feelings, turning everything into a foldable and readable narrative.

British photographer and educator Julia Winckler once said: “Folding implies taking care of something, completing something, the duality implied. It is also an action of bending and laying, implied the idea that something is ‘inside’ – tucked away. Unfolding stories and life, has a sense of sharing and exposing; it can be seen as a metaphor to memory, and it echoes and resonates with memory.”

The Mobile Exhibition took place in different interesting spaces in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. While exhibitions are usually organised in an exhibition hall or a gallery, it can also happen in a small boutique, a café, or a bookstore. We showcased works of different themes according to the characteristics of the sites, so that students’ collection will forge a deeper connection with the exhibition venue. Artist Educators led students in organising and setting up the exhibitions, which became not just a channel to introduce students’ works to the general public, but also an opportunity for them to mingle and work together.

Exhibition Venues:
House of To Kwa Wan Stories
CCCD Artspace-Green Wave Art
Yuen Long Culture‧lifestyle‧Flagship Store
HKBU AVA Kai Tak Campus
JCCAC – Jokey Club Creative Arts Centre