Through Our Eyes Photography
Education Programme
In order to preserve the efforts of the TOE team, we have archived and shared materials and photos of the project on this online platform.
Besides, we have invited participating students, teachers, partners and organisers for video interviews so as to record their thoughts.
Questions: What is the most memorable thing, sentence, moment or person you have come across during TOE? Describe the context or the reason.
Artist Educator
Doreen Chan
Jenny Li
Lai Lon Hin
Ho Man Kei
Ellis Yip
Brandon Chan
Matthew Kwan
Cheung Wai Lok
Chim Chi Ho
Peggy Chan
Hiuwa Li
Thomas Lin
Leung Yiu Hong
Teaching Assistant
Zero Wong
Nick Yeung
Chow Lap Chun
Rita Yau
School Teacher
Heep Yunn School - Alice Choi
Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School - Christopher Lee
Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College - Rachel Chung
Church of Christ in China Mong Man Wai College - Lau Lai Mei
The Methodist Lee Wai Lee College - Janice Lee
TOE Alumni
Iris Tai
Law Wing Lam
Tom Shiu
Rose Li
Alissa Ng
Wong Man Wa
Tai Hin
Rain Yeung
Woo Chun Nin
Programme Director
Ki Wong
TOE Working Team
Ruth Cheung
Becky Wong
Chung Wing Hin
Phoebe Fan
Lam Wing Sze
Alex Tam
Teaching Mentor
Tse Yuet Na
Teaching Consultant
Julia Winckler
Joanne Kim
The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation
Yip Tin Pui
Yan You (Jiazazhi)
Sim Lau
Heep Hong Society-Stella Cheung
Alonglongtime -Jeffrey Tam