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Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme (TOE) values teachers’ professional development in art education. To offer training and development opportunities for TOE art education team and to share ideas, resources and teaching skills, we organise extensive enhancement and training programmes every year in the areas of technical skills and education according to their background and aspirations. The trainings enable them to enrich and extend their experience so as to promote balanced and professional development for their roles as educators and artists, nurturing a new generation of art education professionals. We have built a strong team of Artist Educators who have a depth and diversity of knowledge and experience in photography. They make use of their experience and knowledge to develop and lead workshops for schools and community groups. They use a variety of approaches to help students develop their own work and have fun experimenting with various art-making processes. Besides, we organise sharing sessions and workshops led by different Artist Educators for participating educators, teaching assistants and schoolteachers to facilitate exchange on educational approaches, materials and skills among the team. Teachers from different schools also exchange ideas with the TOE team on art education, so that not only can they learn new skills and knowledge together with their students, they are also able to experience the whole art-making process.