Through Our Eyes Photography
Education Programme
Public Exhibition
Take me away now. Give to someone you love
This exhibition is one of the series. It shows the works of students from The Church Of Christ In China Kei To Secondary School. They observed and represented food through photography. They learned the photo taking skills such as lighting and ways to create mood. If you like some of the photos, take them home. You may also write words of encouragement on them and give to someone you love. In this way, the colours on the window will slowly fade. You will gradually see another piece of work that secretly hides behind the window.

*Exhibition opening: 6/5 (Sun) 13:00-14:30
5.5-13.5 | 00:00-24:00 (Mon-Sun)
304 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei
The Church Of Christ In China Kei To Secondary School
Law Chung Yin
So Ho Yin
Wong Ho Man
Ng Ming Wai
Fok Wai Chi
Sun Ka Sheung
Lee Yee Ki
Choi Chun Tak
Yip Ka Yeung
Lun Pui Ki
Ou Mei Yi
Theo Wong Wai Ho
Chan Hoi Lam