House of To Kwa Wan Stories
Exhibition Period
14:00-20:00 (Tue-Sun)
16 Hung Fook Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon

The House of To Kwa Wan Stories, also known as “To Home”, is a communal space co-run by different units. To Home provides public space for its kai fong, it is kai fong’s second home, a place where they care for and support each other. Shared by different units, To Home is the place where children meet after school. We showcase three collections here, including the “Nature Boxes” series, which consists of images and items collected from nature by students of Project Care; a photo album created by secondary school students from To Kwa Wan and the elderly from Shau Kei Wan, using “Intersection: Shau Kei [Wan] and To Kwa [Wan]” as the theme, the collection is a dialogue, a co-created work, an understanding of each other’s community between two generations; and a short animation film and models centred around character design, which is the result of a class about colours and collage.

To Home is a demonstration of the care for the community which is also the starting point of this exhibition. Let the students’ work lead us to see and discover the ordinary yet unique corners of the community through their eyes.

Programme Highlights
Exhibition Photos
Participating Students
The Church Of Christ In China Kei To Secondary School
Leung Ka Chun
Pak Sze Wing
Leung Ka Ki
Lun Pui Lok
Ng Yuen Shan
Wong Hei Chin
Yeung Lok Yi
Yiu Man Chi
TWGHs Fong Shu Chuen District Elderly Community Centre & TWGHs Wu Ki Lim Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Lau Tak Sang
Hui Yuk Chai
Wong Kwai Lan
Chan Yuet Ying
Lau Kwai Fong
Ho Kwan Yin
Cheung Wing Chung, Stephen
Shum Lin Hop
Nature Boxes
Cheng Ching Lun
Wong Choi Ni
Tse Ho Kan
Cheng Wai Laan
Liu Sze Wing Stella
Cheng Hi Nam Jacky
Tang Tsz Yu Lilian
Yiu Po Ching Popo
Lau Ka Po Kevin
Leung Ming Chu Kelly
Cheng Sze Mun Mimi
St. Paul's School (Lam Tin)
Wan Long Yan
Wong Chung Ling
Rene Esther Albino
Kong Cho Sin, Juliet
Chan Ho Yan
Chan Hiu Ying, Joyce
Ng Yee Ching
Chan Yin Kei
Cheng Lok Yiu