HKBU AVA Kai Tak Campus
Exhibition Period
10:00-19:00 (Mon-Sun)
HKBU Kai Tak Campus Annex Building,
51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon

kaitak, Centre for Research and Development inVisual Arts, is housed in the former Officers’ Mess of the Royal Air Force, which then became the Hong Kong Police Detective Shool. When the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University was established in 2005, it turned the historic site into an academic building and studio; currently it is also the operation centre of kaitak and the main site of Through Our Eyes (TOE). Home to TOE, the Grade I historic building is not only full of traces of history, but also a stark contrast and co-existence of the past and the present.

kaitak is a place full of experiments, creative works of different media and directions are born here. To honour the spirit, we decided to display the works of the four most experimental groups here, including those by TOE Alumni. Every year, we partner with new organisations to promote art education, we also offer a platform for alumni to continue to their pursue of photography – we support them by providing advanced courses, equipment, work space and technical support. We have even invited the alumni from the first two years of TOE to join us to carry on making artwork.

We also show Mumble Zine, a zine produced by Artists Educators and participants. The zine covers works recruited from TOE students and the public, interviews, analysis and commentary, introducing interesting photography projects and creators. The theme of the current issue is “The Medium of An Image”, some of the recruited works are displayed in the exhibition as well.

“The Medium of An Image” is a matter that photographers often contemplate: how should they portray the image in order to tell a good story or bring new meanings to the work? By transforming images into album, book, sculpture, installation art, students from two participating schools show the possibilities of images.

Programme Highlights
Participating Students
TOE Alumni Project - Buddies Programme
Tai Hin
Abby, Lo Cheung Au
Lau Kee Ming
Li Zi Rui, Rose
Ng Hau Ching
Tang Wai Kin, Ken
Yeung Ka Yee Carmen
Yeung Kwai Wing
TOE Alumni Photo Zine Project - Mumble Zine
Lo Yun Faat
Olivia Chan
Yolanda Wong
Xu Shi Ying , Blanche
Fong Hiu Kin
Woo Chun Nin
Chiu Chow Association Secondary School
Ng Mei Shuen
Chan Chun Hang, Max
Hang Sze Ki
Ng Ka Ho
Chui Hau Wan
Lau Tsz Hei
Chan Chun Ho
Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College
Lai Ka Chun
Siu Yuet Ping
Ng Ka Hin
Wong Hoi King Andrew
Chan Lau Chi
Cheung Kei Yiu
Law Tsz Wai
Char Choi Wing Connie
Leung Tin Long Ethan
Chow Sum Yi Sammi