Through Our Eyes Photography
Education Programme
Public Exhibition
Roaming the Streets
This exhibition shows the works of students from two secondary schools. They observed the people and things in the streets and documented them in photographs. The Artist Educators who lead the courses have both chosen to gather inspirations outdoors: Cheung Wai Lok encouraged his students to explore specific areas in their neighbourhood and make pinhole cameras using materials collected from those places. Then, they took photos of the neighbourhood and its residents and paid attention to their needs. The students of Chan Pak Kin, another Artist Educator, learned to observe the details in life. They started by paying attention to their daily life at school and at familiar places. Next, they went to places that seemed familiar yet strange to them to observe people and collect stories. Finally, the students from the two courses developed their own series based on what they have learned in the streets and their thoughts about the experience.

*Exhibition opening: 26/5(Sat)16:30-18:30

25.5-1.6 | 13:00 - 20:00 (Tue-Sun)
CCCD Artspace - Green Wave Art
404 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok
P.L.K. C.W. Chu College
Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School
P.L.K. C.W. Chu College:
Wong Chi Yan
Chan Chiu Yin
Chan Tsz Chung
Lam Ka Lun
Ng Hoi Yan, Mentinia
Qin Fo Ming
Yow Kam Yin
Fu Yue
He Kai Ler
Ip Sin Yan
Li Jia Qi
Meng Jing Kai

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School:
Yiu Chung Hei
Chen ZiLin
Ng Wai Yin
Sum Tsz Yi
Chan Tsz Ni
Huang Chiu Yuen
Wong Sze Kit
Yang Yu Si
Chen Cheng Hong