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Constructing Image with Nature
Nature is nearby. You easily find trees and plants in the garden of your campus. But have you ever had a closer look at the flowers and grass right in front of you? Have you ever tried to study them and think about your relationship with them? Has it ever occurred to you that the humble grass can be turned into the material for your artistic creations? This course allows students to be inspired by nature and seek creative possibilities from nature.

During the course, students collect objects from nature, observe their textures, shapes and colours, then reconstruct them into kaleidoscopic motifs, patterns and images. This is a practice-based workshop in which students learn different photography and printing techniques, such as macro photography, cyanotype and chlorophyll printing. Making use of natural materials for printing, they gain hands-on experience from the straightforward and organic process of chlorophyll printing, using plants as photographic paper and cyanotype.

In the creative process, students look for working materials in nature.They learn different methods of image making, thereby exploring the relationship between photo subjects and materials. Eventually, they find the direction and interest in their own creative series. A school exhibition will be held at the end of the course, which will present student works and the precious achievement of the project to the audience.
Cheung Wah Estate, San Wan Rd, Fanling, N.T.
T.W.G.Hs Li Ka Shing College
Kong Hoi Lam
So Mei Wan
Tang Cheuk In
Lau Nga Yi
Le Ming Shung
Li Wing Ting
Ma On Sang
Lee Wai Man
Lo Wing Chi
Poon Wing Yi