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Familiar yet Strange
According to statistics, Hongkongers top the world by walking 7000 steps a day on average. But while we lead a hectic life and walk hastily day in day out, how many interesting people and stories have actually passed by without us noticing? In fact, every single day can be a voyage of discovery.

Starting from their school and the places they are familiar with, our students learn to make observations on a daily basis. Then, they go to places they have a vague idea of but don't know well enough to capture interesting people and stories on the streets. The ideas are eventually developed into a unique personal series with writings and images.

2 Tai Po Tau Drive, Tai Po, N.T.
Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School
Yiu Chung Hei
Chen ZiLin
Ng Wai Yin
Sum Tsz Yi
Chan Tsz Ni
Huang Chiu Yuen
Wong Sze Kit
Yang Yu Si
Chen Cheng Hong