Through Our Eyes Photography
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My Self-Portraits
People have different motives for creating a self-portrait. Sometimes it is a form of self-promotion; sometimes it is the core theme of an artist's practice; or sometimes it is how one would document important events in their lives. The aim of this course is to help students discover different ways to create self-portraits, as well as to encourage them to turn their own experiences into creative themes. By appreciating works of different photographers, they learn how to use self-portraits to convey themes related to identity politics, personal growth, families, performance art or hidden thoughts. At the end of the course, students are expected to create selfies with a complete concept and execution. The exploration of the body and photography allows them to understand the connection between self, space, society and environment.
16.5 - 18.5
1 Farm Road, Ma Tau Wai, K.L.N.
Heep Yunn School
Chan Ka Ying Kylie
Heung Yee Lam Joanna
Wong Tsam Yuet Angel
Yip Pei Jun Lucy
Lam Tsz Ying Cherry
Wong Po Yan Connie
Fong Tsz Kwan Cherry
Mak Zhe Wing Charmaine
Li Hoi Yee Eilly
Li Shan Shan Elizabeth
Ng Yan Wing Natalie