Guided Tour: Artworks in L0 Gallery and L1 Central Courtyard of JCCAC

The final stop of this mobile photo exhibition is set up at the L0 Gallery and L1 Central Courtyard of Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), combing and displaying the different facets of the Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme (TOE).

The showcase at L0 Gallery lasts for 2 weekends, featuring some of the selected pieces of the students. Apart from the unconventional exhibitions held in different community spaces, by setting up a photo exhibition here, we hope to give our students a taste of exhibiting in a white cube. In the last two days of the exhibition, we display the outcome of all the TOE workshops, including students’ works and in-class exercises, at the L1 Central Courtyard. We hope that this arrangement can demonstrate to the public the unique style and teaching creativity of the Artist Educators, and how their teaching and the creativity of the students are transformed into beautiful moments of art education. The public will be able to experience the possibilities and fun brought out by the combination of creativity, art and education.

Besides, we organise orientation activities for the students enrolled in the upcoming TOE Programme, we also invite TOE alumni to be their guides and teaching assistants, thereby passing on the spirit and knowledge of TOE.

Date and Time
12:00 or 16:00
30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon