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Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme

Through Our Eyes (TOE) Photography Education Programme aims to provide a creative and engaging learning environment in which young people and the wider community can express themselves through the medium of photography. Our vision is to offer people new insight into seeing things from their own perspectives, enabling them to break away from preconceived notions framed by existing visual images and rediscovering the connections between their inner selves and their families, communities, cultures and social environments. Through a variety of workshops and social practice art projects, we seek to define photography in its broadest and most expansive forms and engage with people, especially the younger generation, to explore the possibilities of the medium and inspire their creativity.

Founded by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation in 2005, the TOE programme was handed over to and operated by kaitak, Centre for Research and Development of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. Since then, operation of the TOE programme has been funded by the Foundation.


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation        

A private philanthropic organisation founded in Hong Kong in 2005, the Foundation’s dual missions are to foster appreciation of Chinese arts and culture to advance global learning and to cultivate deeper understanding of Buddhism in the context of contemporary life. The Foundation has a strong belief in the importance of whole person education. Personal inquiry and expression enable us to be the most effective in our lives, to cultivate understanding of other people, and to bring about positive change in the world.
Since 2005, the Foundation is dedicated to promoting creative arts education for the children and youth in Hong Kong. Through a variety of initiatives such as Through Our Eyes photography education programme, Leap! body movement education programme, and Get it Write! writing education programme, the Foundation nurtures the younger generation’s creativity, encourages them to appreciate arts and culture as well as to establish a connection with the society through developing a deeper understanding of their own self, community, history, culture and environment.

kaitak, Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts    

kaitak was established by the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013 to enhance the visual arts development in Hong Kong and neighbouring regions. The Centre is housed in the former Royal Air Force Officers’ Mess – a Grade I listed historic building located on a serene hilltop overlooking the old Kai Tak Airfield.

Our goals are to promote new knowledge and research in the field of visual arts, raise the public’s interest in arts appreciation and participation and facilitate the professional development of young artists. The Centre divides into 3 main branches which are the Research Hub, VArt Community and Young Artist Agency, offering a vibrant programme of artist-in-residence, exhibition, workshop, artist talk, guided tour and screening, as well as a variety of publications and online resources.

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